The perfect mix of quirky, energetic and sassy. Jannifer used to be a fellow member of GYMMBOXX years ago and ever since stepping in, she fell in love with the community and environment. Now as a personal trainer, she aims to empower women to grow their health and fitness journey, no matter their age or their current physical condition. Join Jannifer now, if you're up for some challenging yet FUNtastic training session!

Coaching with GYMMBOXX Since2022

Trainer's QualificationNCSF Certified Personal trainer

Trainer's SpecialtiesStrength & conditioning, lose weight, muscle gain & toning and Post Natal

Which gym are you attached toGYMMBOXX Canberra, Bishan & Vista Point

Don’t give up, because you will get rewarded for your HARD work!


I have been doing PT with Jennifer since May and definitely recommend! She always provide classes that fit my level and guide me patiently. Best PT and coach ever 😍

Nana Ke

I am incredibly happy with jannifer as my personal trainer. I’ve started my journey to fitness years ago and finally feel like I’m on the right track and I can feel myself getting fitter and stronger with each training session. I’ve been to workout classes, following YouTube workout videos and nothing has really worked out. Since starting to train with jannifer, I’ve been taught proper techniques and know where to focus on for when I’m performing a workout. She makes each workout fun and each session with her is so enjoyable. I can’t thank jannifer enough for being such an amazing personal trainer in shaping my mindset and teaching me to never give up towards my goal.

Xin Hui

I can't praise my personal trainer Jannifer enough. Her super upbeat and bubbly vibe has completely turned my gym sessions into something I actually get excited about. Jannifer's not just all smiles though; she knows her stuff and has helped me level up my strength and endurance big time. She's like my personal cheerleader, always there with support and tips, making me feel awesome about my progress. Plus, she's just so easy to talk to, which makes the whole fitness thing way less intimidating. Thanks to her, working out is now a fun adventure, and I can't wait to see where we go next on this fitness journey. If you're searching for a personal trainer who makes fitness both fun and effective, Jannifer is the one to choose!


Jannifer is experienced with client needs and modify the training to match our physical fitness yet challenging us at the same time. It is a pleasure to work with somebody who care!

Huan Ying

Jannifer is a knowledgeable trainer who dedicates her time and effort in making sure her students achieve their fitness goals. She provides great guidance and corrects my posture. Training session with her is always fun and enjoyable! 👍🏻


Grateful for the progress I've made with Jannifer as my personal trainer. Her exceptional motivation and dedication make every session something I eagerly anticipate. Thanks to her guidance, my strength has noticeably improved. Jannifer's personalized workouts and constant encouragement have been instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals. She's not just a trainer; she's an inspiration, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to transform their fitness journey.

Yi San