Everything you need to know!


  1. What services does GYMMBOXX offer?

    • Gym Membership
    • Personal Training
    • Pay-Per-Entry
  2. What is GYMMBOXX operating hours?

    GYMMBOXX outlets operates on a 24-hour basis. This gives GYMMBOXX customers flexibility in accessing the gym to workout at any time within its operating hours.

  3. Who can I contact if I have additional questions for GYMMBOXX?

    Customers may approach any of our friendly Gym Associates at any GYMMBOXX outlets should they have any questions regarding our services and/or facilities. Alternatively, customers may write in to us at enquiries@gymmboxx.com.

  4. Are towels provided?

    Towels are not provided, therefore, do remember to pack in a towel before heading down to any of our outlets.

  5. What are your staffing hours?

    We are staffed 24-hours; our friendly Gym Associates will be there to assist you around the clock should you require assistance while on the gym floor.


  1. What is a GYMMBOXX Membership?

    GYMMBOXX Membership is granted to the individual who applied for a membership. Members are entitled to access and utilize all GYMMBOXX facilities within its operating hours during their membership period.

  2. Can I share my GYMMBOXX Membership with a friend or family member?

    As membership is only granted to the individual who signed up for a membership, only this individual may access the gym. Membership cannot be shared with another individual; friend or family members.

    Should your friend or family member wish to access the gym, they may do so as a per-entry guest or as a member

  3. How do I sign up for GYMMBOXX Membership?

    Membership sign-up can be done at any GYMMBOXX outlet. Simply approach any of our friendly Gym Associates at your preferred GYMMBOXX outlet and they will assist you accordingly.

  4. Can I sign-up for GYMMBOXX Membership online?

    p class=”gymm-faq-question”>Unfortunately, we do not have an online platform for our customers to sign-up. Membership sign-up can only be done over the counter at any GYMMBOXX outlets.

  5. How do I pay for my GYMMBOXX Membership?

    We accept Cash, NETS, Credit Card and GrabPay payment. You may use any of these accepted modes of payment to pay for your membership upon sign-up over the counter.

  6. Can I pay for my GYMMBOXX Membership on a monthly basis?

    Membership payment cannot be paid out on a monthly basis. Members are required to make payments in full (up-front) upon sign-up.

  7. Can I pay by instalment?

    As membership payment is to be made in full, members cannot pay through instalment.

  8. Is membership recurring?

    Membership is not recurring. Members are to sign-up for membership before the expiration of his/her current membership so as not to incur a reactivation fee.

  9. When is the joining fee incurred?

    Joining fee of $30 is an applicable one-time fee for all new members.

  10. When is the reactivation fee incurred?

    Reactivation fee of $15 is incurred when a member renews his/her membership after its expiration date.

    Therefore, remember to renew your membership before its expiration date!

  11. Do active members have access to all GYMMBOXX outlets?

    Yes, GYMMBOXX members are entitled to unlimited access at all GYMMBOXX outlets island-wide during the gym’s operating hours.

  12. What other benefits do I get as a GYMMBOXX member?

    Aside from unlimited access to all GYMMBOXX outlets, members have priority gym entry as well. If the user capacity in the gym is exceeded, only GYMMBOXX members are allowed entry for gym facilities usage. Access via pay-per-entry will only be allowed entry after the user number subsides.

    Members can also enjoy member pricing on selected retail items and preferential access and invitation to events organized by GYMMBOXX, partners or affiliates.

  13. Can I put my membership on hold?

    Yes, you can put your membership on hold. This is called Hibernation in the GYMMBOXX context. You may apply for a hibernation of your membership at any GYMMBOXX outlet at a fee of $20/month. Do note that hibernation is accorded on a full month basis.

  14. Can I cancel my membership?

    Unfortunately, membership is non-refundable. Instead of membership cancellation, members may consider transferring the remaining duration of his/her membership to another individual.

  15. How do I transfer my membership?

    To transfer your membership, simply head down to any GYMMBOXX outlet with your transferee and inform any of our friendly Gym Associate who will assist further. There is an applicable transfer fee of $70.

    Please note that the transfer of membership is only valid once for the existing membership. Should you wish to apply for a membership again, a new application would have to be filed.

    Also, there is an applicable top-up fee if a transfer is made from a membership tier of a lower value to a higher value. E.g. Youth membership to an Adult membership or Senior membership to an Adult membership.

    The top-up fee will be calculated based on a daily rate, from the date you wish to transfer your membership.

Personal Training

  1. What does the Personal Training package consist of?

    GYMMBOXX’s Personal Training package offers a customized training program based on the client’s fitness goal. The trainer will provide nutrition coaching where he/she will advise on the client’s diet to complement the client’s training as part of a holistic fitness journey with us. However, do note that the trainer will not provide any recipe or meal plans for the client to follow.

    Also, as part of the package, each client is offered a complimentary GYMMBOXX Membership. This membership gives the client access to all GYMMBOXX outlets across the island.

  2. What if I’ve never worked out before?

    Not to worry. At GYMMBOXX, we welcome individuals from all fitness levels, regardless of experience and age.

    Each client’s training plan will be tailored and customized based on the client’s fitness goal and fitness level.

  3. How long are the training sessions?

    Each session is an hour long; warm-up, workouts and cool-down.

  4. How often should I work out with my trainer?

    In general, we encourage each client to train at least twice a week with their trainer for optimum result and to build up a regular training regime.

  5. What if on some weeks I can only commit to one training session?

    We understand that everyone’s availability varies and at times there might be conflict with your work schedule. Do not worry, this is fine as long as this is communicated with your trainer in advance and for the package to be completed within its validity period.

  6. What is the validity period of my package?

    An individual who has purchased GYMMBOXX Personal Training services are to complete their Personal Training package within the validity period of their package. Failure to schedule and complete all Personal Training sessions within the validity period shall result in the forfeiture of any remaining sessions in the Personal Training package without refund.

    Personal Training package validity is as follow:

    • Intro 10 package: 2 months
    • 10 sessions package: 2 months
    • 20 sessions package: 4 months
    • 30 sessions package: 6 months
  7. Can I work out on my own outside of my scheduled training sessions?

    Definitely! We highly encourage our clients to train on their own outside their scheduled Personal Training session with their Trainer. This is also the reason why our Personal Training packages comes with a complimentary GYMMBOXX membership 😊 So make full use of it!

  8. Will I have the same trainer each session?

    Yes, the client will be working with the same trainer throughout their Personal Training package with us.

  9. Should I consult with my doctor before I start sign-up a package?

    Yes, clients should consult with their doctors prior to engaging a Personal Trainer with us.

  10. How do I get started?

    You can start by filling up a contact form on our website at https://gymmboxx.com/personal-training/ or you can reach us at enquiries@gymmboxx.com.


  1. How does the per-entry access work?

    Customers may choose to access any GYMMBOXX outlet on a per-entry basis. By paying our per-entry rate, per-entry guest may access the gym and its facilities for up to 3 hours.

  2. How much is your Pay-Per-Entry rate?

    Our per-entry rate is $8. It is a flat rate that applies to all customer regardless of age and time of visit.

  3. Do I have to pay a joining fee for per-entry usage?

    Per-entry guest does not need to pay a joining fee as this fee is only incurred if you are considering to be a GYMMBOXX member.