Everything you need to know!

What services does GYMMBOXX offer?

Gym Membership

Per Entry (Temporarily Suspended till Further Notice)

Are towels provided?

Towels are not provided, therefore, do remember to pack in a towel before heading down to any of our outlets. Alternatively, you may also choose to purchase a towel from us. Otherwise, you will be refused entry.

What are your staffing hours?

GYMMBOXX is staffed 24/7.

Our friendly Gym Associates will be there to assist you, should you require assistance while on the gym floor.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions for GYMMBOXX?

Customers may approach any of our friendly Gym Associates at any GYMMBOXX outlets should they have any questions regarding our services and/or facilities. Alternatively, customers may write in to us at


What is a GYMMBOXX Membership?

GYMMBOXX Membership is granted to the individual who applied for a membership. Members are entitled to access and utilize all GYMMBOXX facilities within its operating hours during their membership period.

Can I share my GYMMBOXX Membership with a friend or family member?

As membership is only granted to the individual who signed up for a membership, only this individual may access the gym. Membership cannot be shared with another individual; friend or family members.

Should your friend or family member wish to access the gym, they may do so as a per-entry guest or as a member. (All per-entry access will be ceased temporarily till further notice.)

How do I sign up for a GYMMBOXX Membership?

Membership sign-up can be done at any of our six GYMMBOXX outlets. Simply approach any of our friendly Gym Associates at your preferred GYMMBOXX outlet and they will assist you accordingly.

Can I sign-up for GYMMBOXX Membership online?

Unfortunately, we do not have an online platform for our customers to sign-up. Membership sign-up can only be done over the counter at any GYMMBOXX outlets.

How do I pay for my GYMMBOXX Membership?

We have gone cashless! We accept NETS, Credit Card and GrabPay payment. You may use any of these accepted modes of payment to pay for your membership upon sign-up over the counter.

Can I pay for my GYMMBOXX Membership on a monthly basis?

Membership payment cannot be paid out on a monthly basis. Members are required to make payments in full (up-front) upon sign-up.

Can I pay by instalments?

As membership payment is to be made in full, members cannot pay through instalment.

Is the membership contract recurring?

Membership is not recurring. Members are to sign-up for membership before the expiration of his/her current membership to avoid incurring a reactivation fee.

When is the joining fee incurred?

Joining fee of $60.00/- is an applicable one-time fee for all new members.

When is the reactivation fee incurred?

Reactivation fee of $30.00/- is incurred when a member renews his/her membership after its expiration date.

Therefore, remember to renew your membership before its expiration date!

Do active members have access to all GYMMBOXX outlets?

Yes, GYMMBOXX members are entitled to unlimited access at all GYMMBOXX outlets island-wide during the gym’s operating hours.

Can I put my membership on freeze?

Yes, you can freeze your membership. This is called Hibernation in the GYMMBOXX context. You may apply for a hibernation of your membership at any GYMMBOXX outlet at a fee of $20/month. Do note that hibernation is accorded on a full month basis.

Can I cancel my membership?

Unfortunately, membership is non-refundable should you decide to cancel your contract. Instead of membership cancellation, members may consider transferring the remaining duration of his/her membership to another individual.

How do I transfer my membership?

To transfer your membership, simply head down to any GYMMBOXX outlet with your transferee and inform any of our friendly Gym Associate who will assist further. There is an applicable transfer fee of $70.

Please note that the transfer of membership is only valid once for the existing membership. Should you wish to apply for a membership again, a new application would have to be filed.

Also, there is an applicable top-up fee if a transfer is made from a membership tier of a lower value to a higher value. E.g. Youth membership to an Adult membership or Senior membership to an Adult membership.

The top-up fee will be calculated based on a daily rate, from the date you wish to transfer your membership.


We have temporarily ceased Per-Entry usage across all clubs effective on 20th June 2020 till further notice.


What has Gymmboxx been doing to ensure the safety of members?

Implemented measures within the gym premises to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

1.Measures for staff

  • Staff on duty will be issued with a face mask/face shield that will be worn while on shift at all times. Staff may also choose to put on disposable gloves that will be provided for all staff on duty.
  • Staff (full timers and part-timers) are only allowed to work at one outlet, to prevent any potential spread of the virus.
  • Staff will ask any member who exhibits signs of sickness to take a time out for 10mins and observe the member. If he/she continues to exhibit these signs of sickness (coughing, sneezing), he/she will be asked to leave.

2.Cleaning of equipment

3.Measures for members to comply with

  • Members in the queue for check in have to comply with floor markers with distancing of at least 1m.
  • Number of stools and chairs for dining tables have been reduced, and floor markings have been implemented to ensure separation of 1m among members.
  • Rest benches on the gym floor and showers have been marked out to only accommodate 1 person per bench.
  • SafeEntry will be implemented to comply with the measures set out by the authorities and to allow for contact tracing once Gymmboxx reopen.
  • Members are required to bring their own towel for hygiene purposes.

Social distancing measures for gym equipment

  • Alternate cardiovascular machines have been switched off in all gyms to ensure members are spaced out 2m or more while working out.
  • Number of multi-adjustable benches (MAB) on the gym floor will be reduced to prevent overcrowding of the free weights area. There will be 2m social distancing tape marked out between the benches to further enforce this rule.
  • All shared accessories such as stretching mats, foam rollers, lifting straps will be made unavailable to members and kept by the counter staff.
  • All gyms have closed certain equipment to enforce 2m distancing between members.

Operating capacity of all gyms have been kept to one person per 10 sqm of usable space.

  • Only members are allowed to enter the gym. Number of members in the gym are tracked upon sign in.
  • Members are only given 90 minutes to work out to allow for faster queueing times.
  • Implemented access control with only 1 entry and exit point.
  • Members are required to have their temperatures taken before being allowed entry into the gym. Members found to display symptoms such as coughing, or sneezing will be denied entry and advised to seek medical attention.

Queue management system implemented to ensure members are not allowed to wait within the gym premises.

  • To help reduce congestion and manage the crowd at our gyms, we have implemented a queue management system. Click this link for a brief summary of how it works –
  • Members can keep track of current capacity and waiting list via

How can GYMMBOXX members help to keep the gym safe?

Keeping the gyms safe and clean for everyone requires a collective effort from all of us. We seek your cooperation in adopting the following precautionary measures in order to safeguard public health and safety:

  • Observe good personal hygiene. Hand sanitizers are readily available around the gym for your use.
  • Place towels on equipment before using. Disinfectant sprays are readily available around the gyms, and we have provided towels for you to do the wipe down should you feel uncomfortable with using your personal towel.
  • Wear a mask at all times when you leave your residence. You may remove your mask when you are doing strenuous exercises.
  • If you are feeling unwell, refrain from visiting the gym and seek immediate medical attention. You will be refused entry should you decide to visit the gym.
  • Sign in and sign out of SafeEntry during each visit to the gym.
  • Follow the social distancing measures set in place around the gyms.