We are reaching out to you in unprecedented times. We have been closely monitoring COVID-19 and are navigating this situation under the guidance of government and relevant authorities and adapting as new information becomes available. During these rapidly changing times, we are more
committed than ever to meeting your fitness needs and communicating with you frequently and transparently.

Over the past couple of days, we have experienced an incredible surge of regulations that needs to be implemented. On 24 March 2020, the Ministry of Health made an announcement that will affect the operation of all GYMMBOXX outlets:
“Reduce operating capacity within the venue at any one time, so that the venue does not have more than one person per 16 square metres of usable space. This is to significantly reduce the density of crowds in these
venues, especially during peak periods.”

Thus, in consideration of this announcement, we will deploy these next levels of measures across all GYMMBOXX outlets, w.e.f 27 March 2020 @ 5am. Regulated access to all GYMMBOXX outlets. Please refer to the table below on the maximum capacity per outlet:
Outlet: Maximum capacity:
GYMMBOXX Bedok Point 37 (maximum number of capacity)
GYMMBOXX Bishan 30 (maximum number of capacity)
GYMMBOXX Century Square 34 (maximum number of capacity)
GYMMBOXX JCube 23 (maximum number of capacity)
GYMMBOXX Keat Hong 17 (maximum number of capacity)
GYMMBOXX Kebun Baru 8 (maximum number of capacity)
*^Should the maximum capacity be met at any given time, your contact details will be taken down and we will follow up with a call and SMS once a spot is available to enter the gym

Things to take note:
• Usage of gym facility is limited to 2 hours per member
• Member to bring their membership card to enter the gym
• Temporary stoppage of per-entry guests

Now more than ever, let’s work together to make GYMMBOXX a safe place to work out. In this spirit, we encourage you play your part and to cooperate with your friendly Gym Associates in the execution of these measures to help us tide through this time.

You can click on this link to track real time updates on the number of people in the gym.